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What’s So Special About the Mini Sleeve®?

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Have you heard about the Mini Sleeve, but are still unsure about how it’s different from a traditional gastric sleeve procedure?

Sleeve gastrectomy (or gastric sleeve) is the most common weight loss surgery procedure performed in the United States today. In searching for new ways to improve outcomes for his patients, bariatric surgeon Dr. Todd McCarty invented the Mini Sleeve: an advanced, minimally invasive weight loss procedure that helps patients achieve their weight loss goals while drastically reducing recovery time and surgical risk.


Dr. McCarty is the only weight loss surgeon in the country who can perform the true Mini Sleeve surgery for patients who want to lose weight and reclaim their lives. The Mini Sleeve is a nationally trademarked procedure, and Dr. McCarty holds the national patent on the device used for the Mini Sleeve.


What’s the difference between the Mini Sleeve and traditional gastric sleeve?


The traditional gastric sleeve surgery requires making several painful incisions through the abdominal wall in order to perform the procedure. By contrast, the Mini Sleeve uses natural entrances to the abdominal cavity rather than creating incisions in the abdominal wall.


Once the sleeve is created, Dr. McCarty places his patented device in the esophagus to protect it while removing the excess stomach through the mouth. The excess tissue may also be removed through the belly button, again without the need for additional incisions. Employing this “natural orifice” technique results in less pain, less risk for complications, faster recovery times, few scars and no hospital stay.


The Mini Sleeve is a quick procedure that typically takes no longer than 30 minutes, resulting in less pain, faster recovery and few (if any) scars. Patients are usually able to return back to work in two to three days, with no lifting or activity restrictions after surgery. Like the gastric sleeve, the Mini Sleeve suppresses hunger hormone levels and provides patients the same weight loss potential as the traditional sleeve procedure.


If you are considering weight loss surgery in 2018, look no further than the doctor with nearly three decades of experience helping patients lose weight and reclaim their lives with as little risk as possible. To learn more about the Mini Sleeve, contact us today.