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Insurance verification

Weight loss surgery insurance verification

Will your insurance cover weight loss surgery? This is a question that most patients want to know. The type of surgery and available insurance benefits will ultimately determine the overall cost of surgery. We will work with your insurance provider to verify your level of coverage. From there, we offer a variety of surgery payment options, and we will work with you to decide what option is best.

An experienced insurance team
We have more than 20 years of experience working with insurance companies. Our team of experts will advocate on your behalf to get insurance approval, maximum surgery coverage, and reduced out-of-pocket expenses. We accept most private and commercial insurance policies.

Our benefit specialist will get you answers
Fill out the form to get started, and our benefit specialists will call you the next business day to get your insurance information and check coverage. Once we receive your form, we will know if you are covered within 48 hours.

You will need to provide the following information for us to research your benefits:
• Full name (and correct spelling)
• Insurance company
• Group #
• ID #
• Date of birth

We have options if your insurance doesn’t cover weight loss surgery
We will start by determining exactly what benefits are available to you. If insurance coverage is not available, then there are multiple other options that we can guide you through.

Fill out the form to get started