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Have You Heard of the McCarty Mini Sleeve?

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McCarty Weight Loss Center has helped thousands of patients lose weight and reclaim their lives by performing bariatric procedures such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric banding. But Dr. McCarty is more than just a weight loss surgeon. He’s also an innovator in his medical field.

Dr. McCarty is continually searching for ways to improve outcomes for his patients. That’s why he invented the McCarty Mini Sleeve, an advanced, minimally invasive surgical technique that helps patients achieve their weight loss goals while drastically reducing their recovery time and exposure to surgical risk.

With more than 27 years of experience as a bariatric surgeon, Dr. McCarty is the only licensed professional who can perform the true Mini Sleeve procedure. The McCarty Mini Sleeve is a nationally trademarked procedure, and Dr. McCarty holds the national patent on the device used for the Mini Sleeve.

How is the McCarty Mini Sleeve different from the traditional gastric sleeve?

This ground-breaking bariatric surgical technique uses natural entrances to the abdominal cavity, eliminating the many incisions required by standard gastric sleeve procedures. Once Dr. McCarty has reduced the size of the patient’s stomach by creating the sleeve, the excess tissue is removed through the mouth using a patented device. Patients can also elect to have this excess tissue removed via their navel. Both techniques protect the patient’s esophagus (and other internal organs) and avoid the need for additional incisions.

By employing this “natural orifice” technique, Dr. McCarty can offer weight loss patients a surgical experience that is less painful, carries a lower risk of complications, sends them home from the hospital earlier, allows them to recover faster and leaves behind fewer scars. Most patients are back to work in two to three days following the Mini Sleeve procedure. Moreover, they are under no lifting or activity restrictions.

Dr. McCarty’s patented Mini Sleeve surgery also helps ensure patients are prepared for long-term weight loss success. It suppresses hunger hormone levels while providing patients with all the health and weight loss benefits of a traditional laparoscopic sleeve.

McCarty Weight Loss Center focuses on each patient as an individual. That means we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your personal weight loss goals as safely and effectively as possible. If you would like to learn more about how the McCarty Mini Sleeve might be the right solution for you, contact us today.