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Bariatric Revision Surgery from the Leader in Bariatric Innovation

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Bariatric surgery is a weight loss tool that results in weight loss success and renewed health for thousands of patients every year. However, a small percentage of weight loss surgery patients may be unsatisfied with their weight loss or experience weight regain in the years following surgery. In these cases, bariatric revision surgery may be an option to help the patient lose weight once again.


Why some patients regain weight after surgery

A number of factors may contribute to a patient’s weight regain. In some cases, the patient’s anatomy may change and require repair. In other cases, such as with gastric banding, there may be a mechanical failure or complications that arise years after the original procedure was performed. Some patients may also experience behavioral changes and factors that contribute to their weight regain.


Choose Dr. McCarty for your bariatric revision surgery

No matter the reason you may have regained weight after a past weight loss surgery, the staff at McCarty Weight Loss Center is here to help. Dr. Todd McCarty has more than 20 years of experience helping patients achieve long-lasting weight loss and regain their health and zest for life. Dedicated to providing the very best care to his patients, Dr. McCarty is the author of numerous publications, including more than 50 scholarly articles and nine book chapters, and he has been invited to be an expert speaker and/or author on many occasions. He is the recipient of a number of awards for his contributions as a surgeon and innovator in the field of bariatrics.

Dr. McCarty was one of the first surgeons in the nation to integrate laparoscopy into bariatric surgery, introducing laparoscopic gastric bypass and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy into his practice. But his innovations don’t stop there.


The McCarty Mini Sleeve

Dr. McCarty is the only weight loss surgeon in the U.S. who can perform his patented and trademarked Mini Sleeve procedure. The McCarty Mini Sleeve is a minimally invasive gastric sleeve procedure that offers a number of real benefits for patients over the traditional laparoscopic sleeve. The procedure is low-risk, and Mini Sleeve patients typically experience less pain, little (if any) scarring and are able to return to work two or three days after surgery with no restrictions on physical activity or lifting. The McCarty Mini Sleeve offers the same weight loss potential as the traditional sleeve procedure, but uses the natural orifice surgical technique, eliminating the need for additional incisions.

If you have experienced a failed bariatric procedure in the past, Dr. McCarty is the clear choice for your revisional surgery. After conducting a comprehensive medical evaluation to rule out any treatable medical conditions that may have triggered your weight regain, Dr. McCarty will discuss your surgical revision options with you.


If you are considering weight loss surgery, or if you are unsatisfied with the results of a previous bariatric procedure, choose the Dallas doctor with 27 years of experience helping patients lose weight and reclaim their lives. Contact the McCarty Weight Loss Center today.