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Yoga: The Skinny on a Healthy Mind & Body

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Yoga: The Skinny on a Healthy Mind & Body

It’s been said that even 15 minutes of yoga a day can rewire your brain chemistry and significantly boost your mood! In fact, yoga is known to bring mindfulness to your day, help with weight loss, and promote mental clarity and happiness. So, why should you consider adding this practice to your morning routine? Here are just some of the top benefits:

  1. Reduce Inflammation: While some inflammation is commonplace for many people, chronic inflammation is quite dangerous and can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. A recent study found that practicing yoga on a consistent basis can help lower your levels of cytokines, which are considered “pro-inflammatory markers.”
  2. Reduce Stress Levels: Yoga is known for helping regulate your stress levels! Research shows that individuals who practice yoga regularly have lower levels of cortisol, a highly infamous stress hormone.
  3. Bolster Heart Heath: Several recent studies have concluded that making time for a mindful practice like yoga can actually reduce your cholesterol levels and slow the progression of heart disease.
  4. Support Weight Loss: If you are looking for a way to help keep the belly fat down, yoga is for you. A study out of the University of California found that yoga was able to help overweight women lose belly fat. Additionally, the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine published a review concluding that yoga can boost weight loss through calorie burning, stress reduction, enhancing flexibility for other exercises, and increasing satiety to prevent over-eating.
  5. Improve Flexibility & Back Pain: Yoga is most notably touted for its ability to help those who want to improve their flexibility and mobility. Many of the poses help with range of motion and can encourage even the least “bendy” of us, to stretch a little further! The great news is those same movements can also alleviate lower back pain. In fact, a study conducted by the University of California found that participants with lower back pain showed a significant decrease in pain after completing 12 weeks of a yoga practice.

Ready to give it a go? Reach out to a local yoga studio, or even try a yoga class at home! There are several ways to bring this wonderfully mindful practice into your life!

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