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Tis the season

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‘Tis the season

Indeed! The holidays are the season with the most social events. Everything from family reunions, work parties, Secret Santa, gift exchanges, neighborhood get-togethers, dinners, parties, happy hours, you name it! Our calendars get booked back-to-back, and during some of those occasions someone (beyond in-laws) may obnoxiously say what you don’t want to hear – “you look like you gained some weight this year.”

And for each of those many social events you will have to get dressed and struggle through the process. Not happy with what you see in the mirror? Wishing things could be a bit looser instead of so darn tight?

Well, well… ‘tis the season to decide. Let the process begin. Give yourself the gift of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-esteem. Make peace with the image in the mirror. Enjoy dressing in smaller sizes and not suffering that social stress.

Take it from the thousands of people that had weight loss surgery and now live in peace with their body weight.

Once you decide to have a bariatric procedure, you will have to commit and dedicate to a different lifestyle. Remember…insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. For us at Total Wellness and Bariatrics, your success is our success. The holiday season brings thoughts of joy and gratitude, and there’s no better time to express our thanks and sincere appreciation to all of you for trusting us.

Happy holidays!