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So Much More To Gain Than To Lose

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So Much More To Gain Than To Lose

If you are one of the many…actually hundreds, thousands, millions of people that step on a scale each morning and don’t like what they see, don’t feel lonely. Welcome to the club! You have probably tried everything and anything available and the scale still scares you. Obesity is an uphill challenge, and you have too much on your shoulders to take it on. We completely understand that you live in a constant battle trying to lose weight.

Maybe you have considered surgery. You heard of people that had bariatric procedures and were able to change their lives. People that dropped a hundred pounds and are now proudly modeling several sizes down. Or even more importantly, you may have heard of people that improved their diabetes, or were able to lower their blood pressure or even cholesterol. So, the advantages are not only physical but also, and probably more importantly, they are helpful mentally, psychologically, and medically. People feel better physically, and they also feel better with themselves. They’re more at peace with themselves and even feel proud of who they are. They are no longer scared of suffering from an illness, and in turn they become more aware of their health and wellness. Some people have described bariatric surgery as a “clearing” of their headspace. It’s not only how many sizes you go down, but also the many non-weight related victories along the way. There’s so much more to gain than to lose from bariatric surgery.

So, back to the scale… even though you probably don’t want to talk about the scale. If the bariatric solution suddenly appears on the horizon and you begin to wonder internally, “What if I do that? What about if I hit the reset button and start from the get-go again? What if I raise the white flag and ask for help?” Relax. There’s nothing wrong with admitting an issue and looking for help. Actually, there’s so much strength in admitting a problem and showing the maturity to address it and overcome it.

If you find yourself investigating the different types of bariatric surgery, the risks, benefits, and costs associated with the different procedures, the quality of life after the operation, checking for patient stories, doctor reviews, recommendations and so on, then maybe it’s time to take the next step. After much reading, you are probably interested in finding out more. Here’s a recommendation for you – put your thoughts, fears, doubts and questions on a list and give us a call to arrange a private consultation. Bring your list with you and we’ll help you get all that weight off your chest (no pun intended).

Have more questions on the necessary lifestyle changes you need to make after bariatric surgery? Give us a call today and set up an appointment to discuss your options and learn how our team can guide you to a more fulfilling life.