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Mini Sleeve

Mini Sleeve Myth Busting…

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Mini sleeve myth busting…

As you may go do your research across social media platforms such as TikTok, Google, Instagram, Facebook, you will notice a lot of talk about Mini sleeves being the procedure chosen because less stomach is removed. A lot of patients and doctors state that a “mini sleeve” is a procedure that only removes 50-60% of the stomach. The true, patented, and trademarked Mini Sleeve removes up to 80% of the stomach. We want our patients to be successful and get the benefit of reduced hunger hormones and consume less food at the same time. This technique is unique to our practice since we hold this national patent and trademark, that consists of 2-3 small cosmetic incisions. The Mini Sleeve is covered by insurance if you have bariatric benefits and the insurance qualifications that your specific plan requires. Our staff is experienced in obtaining insurance approval, along with working with exemplary facilities in DFW that can assist you in payment plans. When you compare the life-long benefits to costs of diabetes medications, injectables weight loss medications, and blood pressure medications, how could you not be a little curious to see what your options are? Contact us today for a no obligation consultation with Dr. Leah Dill to discuss what is best for you to reach your goals, and be on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

Check us out at Total Wellness & Bariatrics, we are here to help you make the best decision for you. Together, we can look at your case because at Total Wellness & Bariatrics, we have a wide array of options to best address your issue. So, schedule your first appointment to get started and contact our office today to discuss what’s best for you, and let’s get you ready for the holidays and the New Year!