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All Calories Matter

Liquid or Solid Calories. They All Matter.

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Liquid or Solid Calories. They All Matter.
You may have thought there was a difference between liquid calories vs solid calories, or that liquid sugar was different from solid sugar, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but liquid carbs and fruit carbs can be dangerous. Even worse, many patients are unaware of this fact and end up struggling to keep weight off after surgery. The major problem with liquid calories vs solid calories is that our brain does not register liquid calories like it does the calories from solid food. Studies have shown that drinking calories doesn’t elicit the same fullness signals from our brain as we get from eating solid foods. Therefore, your brain thinks liquid calories are invisible, but unfortunately your belt tells a different story.

To make your weight loss journey a bit easier and more structured, Total Wellness & Bariatrics has a process that is both effective and simple to follow. As part of this process, we provide a simple 6-week nutrition packet that clearly outlines daily carb intake as well as what to avoid. For maximum weight loss we recommend staying under 30 grams TOTAL carbs per day. To make life easier, you can also track your eating habits with the app Baritastic (just select the individual option, no clinic code needed).

Also, don’t forget to focus on eating behaviors and lifestyle changes. We eat first with our eyes! Remember – small plate, small bites, chew well, slow pace. Chew each bite 20 times. Take 20 minutes to eat. Eat mindfully. Stop eating when comfortable. Common causes of nausea and vomiting are related to eating too fast, not chewing well, eating too much or drinking too soon after eating.

If you need help, whether keeping weight off or losing weight in the first place, please know that at Total Wellness & Bariatrics we are here to help you achieve your goal. You can learn more about our surgical options here. We will look at your individual case and recommend a tailor-made solution because at Total Wellness and Bariatrics, we have a wide array of options to reach your goal. Go ahead, get started and contact our office today to discuss what’s best for you.