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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It feels like there’s an exit to that dark and hopeless tunnel. BUT, there is a milestone commitment that needs to be understood. Bariatric surgery is a tool, but it’s not a magic one. Major lifestyle changes are ahead of you.Eating as you eat now will not be the same. You will have to learn to eat better, to portion better, to eat smarter, to count proteins and calories, and to supplement with vitamins. You also need to understand that exercise will have to be a vital part of keeping the new you in better shape. You will need to get out more and find a new exercise routine. Walking, biking, jogging, Pilates, yoga, stretching, High Intensity, Crossfit… you name it, there are plenty of alternatives for you to find. And slowly but surely, re-teach your body to burn some fat and calories. Exercise will also help you with stress, anxiety, and sleep. Those three are key in helping you feel better and maintain your new weight.

So take your time, and think about the changes required to successfully keep the weight off. You cannot expect things to change if you continue doing the same things. That’s key! We’ll repeat this one more time…. you cannot expect things to change if you continue doing the same things, the same way.

Yes, there’s light at the end of tunnel, but there’s also hard work ahead. Once you exit the dark and hopeless tunnel, you need to build a whole new path for you. So the real question is, are you willing to do so? The joy of feeling better comes with discipline and hard work. Are you ready to do that work?

Take your time and think about that.
For our part, we know you can do it.
And we’ll do it together.