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How to Maintain Your Goals Throughout the Holiday Season

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You’ve worked so hard to set goals for healthy eating, and you find yourself at a holiday party – complete with egg nog, holiday cookies, rich food and diminishing will power. How can you stay on track for healthy living during the holidays?

It can be more difficult to maintain a healthy routine when there’s so much to do. You can find yourself skipping workouts, eating and drinking a bit too much and getting too little sleep. Before you know it, those healthy goals you set are in the rear-view mirror.

Stay on track by taking a few simple steps to keep self-care, and healthy living, in the foreground.

1.    Remember your goals. Why did you decide on a healthier way of living in the first place?

2.    If you’re traveling, pack healthy snacks. Raw veggie sticks, hummus, whole wheat crackers, fruit and nuts can be filling without packing on the calories.

3.    Check out our Pinterest page for healthy swaps for traditional treats.

4.    Be mindful of portion size. Decide in advance that you won’t have seconds, either.

5.    Get some exercise. Try taking a walk with your family outside in nature.

6.    Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t stick to your usual regimen. No need to throw your goals out the window, just start over again.

7.    Focus on creating memories with your family and friends. Make the food and drink secondary.

8.     Check with our registered dietician if you need advice or support. We’ll work with you to find an approach that’s sensible and enjoyable.


Have a wonderful holiday season!