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How long will you continue to lose weight after surgery?

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Losing Weight After Surgery – Timeline

Gastric bypass and other bariatric procedures, such as the gastric sleeve, can provide long-term weight loss for individuals who have previously struggled to lose weight. Just how much weight you will lose with weight loss surgery depends on the type of surgery you receive and your level of commitment to the necessary lifestyle changes after surgery.


On average, gastric bypass patients lose about 70 percent of their excess weight. Gastric sleeve patients lose about 60 percent, and gastric band patients lose about 50 percent.


Immediately following weight loss surgery in Dallas, many patients experience a period of rapid weight loss, in part due to the special diet bariatric patients must adhere to for about 12 weeks following surgery. The diet begins with liquids only, gradually progressing to soft foods and eventually solids. The intent of any bariatric procedure is to limit either the amount of food the stomach can hold (a restrictive procedure) or the number of calories absorbed by the body (malabsorptive procedure). Some procedures accomplish both. The period of rapid weight loss may last anywhere from three to six months. Overall, weight loss can continue for a year to two years after surgery.


Even successful weight loss surgery patients may experience plateaus in weight loss or some weight regain after surgery, but with a commitment to lifestyle changes, they are generally able to maintain their new weight in the years following surgery.


Some of the secrets to long-term success include:


  • Always measuring portions and food, even as it becomes easier to “eyeball” measurements.
  • Reevaluating your relationship with food, learning to eat to live, rather than living to eat.
  • A change in environment, from the foods you keep in the house to the friendships and relationships you keep. Cut out the factors that contribute to unhealthy habits.
  • Leaning on your support system, including your First Baptist Medical Center bariatric surgeon and team.
  • Finding a workout you love, one you can make a lifelong habit.


If weight loss has been a lifelong battle for you, or if you suffer from weight-related health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea or joint conditions, bariatric surgery in Dallas is a great option to help you lose the weight, improve or resolve your medical conditions and live a healthier life.


Contact your First Baptist Medical Center bariatric surgeon today to learn more about the various weight loss surgery options and to find out which option is best for you.