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Holiday remorse, anyone?

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Holiday remorse, anyone?

Are you feeling a deep regret for all the “wrong” food you enjoyed during the holidays? Are you in despair, scared, angry, frustrated, even depressed with the weight with which you welcomed the new year? Relax, you’re not alone. Holiday remorse or holiday guilt is a powerful experience that many people go through. There are only a few lucky ones that can manage and control their desires and are able to stay away or perhaps watch their portions.

Many others are now struggling with the consequences. It’s tough! Holidays are more than a month-long of
invitations, get-togethers, receptions, fiestas, parties, cocktails, reunions, you name it, all of them filled with lots of food, drinks and emotions. And sadly, for holiday over-eating, there is no return. It’s like that unwant-ed gift you received. With holiday over-eating, you have to find your way out of that feeling of regret, and perhaps even try to understand what led you to the excessive eating and drinking. Where was your will when you needed it the most?!

That said, the holidays are now over, and the calendar tells us that new ones will come up sooner than we think. It’s our responsibility to learn from our own mistakes and not repeat them again. We must discover what led to that behavior, how can we change it, and more importantly, what tools are available to reset this unwanted and uncontrollable behavior.

If you want to discuss and find out how we can help you reset your attitude and your lifestyle, wait no long-er! Give us a call or visit us to schedule your first conversation. You will learn more about the many tools we have available for you and how we can help you return those unwanted pounds and keep them off for many holidays to come.