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Before and After Mini Sleeve Surgery

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Obesity is a serious and ever-growing epidemic that affects at least 40 percent (93.3 million) adults in the U.S., according to 2016 data from the Centers for Disease Control. Obesity-related health conditions such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many types of cancer are among the leading causes of preventable and premature death.

Bariatric surgery is proven to help individuals who are seriously overweight or obese lose weight and reduce their risk of serious health complications related to obesity. Gastric sleeve surgery is among the most common weight loss procedures performed nationwide, with nearly 200,000 patients choosing a gastric sleeve to help lose weight and reclaim their health.

Todd McCarty, M.D. is a proven innovator in bariatric surgery who is dedicated to improving surgical outcomes for his weight loss patients. That’s why he invented, trademarked and patented the Mini Sleeve procedure, a technically advanced, minimally invasive surgical technique that helps patients achieve their weight loss goals while reducing recovery time and surgical risk.

What makes the Mini Sleeve surgery different?

Traditional laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy commonly requires five incisions in the abdominal wall while and the removal of 75 to 80 percent of the stomach, leaving a narrow gastric tube or “sleeve.” Trauma to the abdominal wall can prolong a patient’s hospital stay and recovery time. Stitches or mesh are often used to repair the damage and are often painful with associated increased risk.

In contrast, the McCarty Mini Sleeve most commonly only requires two incisions without damage to the muscle that might otherwise require surgical repair. Once the stomach is resected and the sleeve is created, the Mini Sleeve is completed and the excess stomach is removed trans-orally or through the belly button without the need for additional incisions. Each patient has their choice of how the excess stomach is removed.

The gastric Mini Sleeve results in the same weight loss as a traditional gastric sleeve by reducing stomach capacity and suppressing hunger hormone levels. Patients who choose the gastric Mini Sleeve with McCarty Weight Loss Center have the same weight-loss potential as patients who choose traditional gastric sleeve surgery.

Here are a few key benefits of the Mini Sleeve surgery:

  • Quick procedure that takes ~30 minutes.
  • Few incisions in the abdominal wall, resulting in less pain.
  • Faster recovery, shorter hospital stay and a quick return to regular activity.
  • No lifting or activity restrictions after surgery whatsoever.
  • Few (if any) scars.

Dr. McCarty and the McCarty Weight Loss Center have treated nearly 2,000 patients with the Mini Sleeve to help each person achieve their weight goals, improve their overall health and live a longer and more enjoyable life. If you’re interested in an innovative weight loss surgery with decreased risk and shorter recovery time, please contact the McCarty Weight Loss Center for more information.