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6 Tips to Stick With Your Fitness Routine as Seasons Change

6 Tips to Stick With Your Fitness Routine as Seasons Change

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Summer is nearly in the rearview mirror and that means the stress of maintaining your beach body is almost behind you — at least for a few months.

But what if you took a different approach this winter? At the time of year when many people switch into “hibernation” mode, now’s just the right time to start a regular exercise plan or recommit to your existing fitness regimen. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated and active as we move into the fall — and very soon, holiday — season.

Record Your Progress 

Keep track of your progress and personal best. Using photos is a good way to remember how far you’ve come and how great you felt and looked when you were at your fittest.

Keep Going 

Don’t forget how hard it is to start a new habit. If you’ve already been getting up for 6AM workouts, don’t stop now! If your morning schedule has changed, just make adjustments to your workout time as needed, but do your best not to take time off from working out. If you do, it could be difficult to get started again.

Find a Workout Partner 

Find someone with similar goals who is willing to work out with you and hold you accountable to staying on track. Most people find it easier to stay motivated when they know someone else is counting on them to show up.

Have a Plan for Cold Weather 

As temperatures begin to drop, you may find it’s too chilly for your outdoor workout. Establish a plan now for where you can work out when it’s time to move indoors. If you don’t have a gym membership, look into getting one, or check out your local community center for fitness options. Working out at home is always an option, too. Even without equipment, you can get in a high-intensity bodyweight workout right in your living room!

Eat Right, Eat Light 

Don’t let heavy, high-calorie comfort foods tempt you just because you’re cold. Stay focused on eating well-balanced and nutritious meals all year ’round. Keep food light.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments 

Set small benchmark goals to help you stay on track, and when you meet those goals, take the time to acknowledge your achievements and renew your motivation to keep moving forward. Be sure to find non-food ways to celebrate success such as buying yourself a new pair of sneakers or that fitness tracker you’ve had your eye on.

Stay on track with your fitness plan through the fall and holiday seasons and you’ll be well on your way to being beach-ready when springtime rolls around!