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healthy valentine's dates

5 Ideas for a Healthy Valentine’s Date

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner — are you planning your date night yet? If so, how can you celebrate with your sweetheart without wrecking your diet and compromising your weight loss goals?

The classic Valentine’s date tends toward the indulgent — a big dinner out, a bottle of wine, chocolates. While that makes for a memorable night, it isn’t exactly the best plan if you’re trying to lose weight.

There are plenty of romantic ways to make memories with your sweetie that won’t set you back in your weight loss journey. Here are a few great date ideas to help keep you on track.

Prepare a fresh meal together. Start your day with a trip to the farmers market to pick up some locally grown produce. Walking around the market can also help you get in some exercise and raise your heart rate. Take your goods home and prepare a fresh salad or lightly sautéed veggies to go along with grilled salmon or juicy chicken breasts. If cooking isn’t your forte, get a little help from the experts with a ready-to-make meal from a service such as Plated, Blue Apron or HelloFresh. (Be sure to order early so it will be delivered in time!)

Enjoy the great outdoors. Take advantage of the spring-like weather we’ve been enjoying recently and get outdoors for some fresh air. Head to one of the area’s several nature centers for a hike on the trails through secluded woods, and savor the peaceful scenery. Be sure to pack water to stay hydrated and a healthy snack, such as protein-packed mixed nuts, for an energy boost.

Just dance. Step outside your comfort zone for the evening with a little dancing. Taking a dance class can be a romantic way to spend time with your love. It’s also great exercise. Dancing for just an hour can help you knock out as many as 500 calories! Put on your cowboy boots for some Texas two-step or light the fire with a little salsa.

Go rock climbing. Ready for a challenge? Hit a local rock climbing gym and put your skills to the test. Virtually anyone can do it, as rock climbing gyms accommodate all skill and fitness levels. Build some trust in your relationship by spotting your partner as they scale the wall.

Be flexible. Couples fitness classes are a great way to spend some time together while focusing on your health. Work up a sweat with your partner at an area yoga class, or try low-impact barré or spin. Many fitness studios offer first-timers a free class or discounted rate. Exercising is a great way to release those “feel good” endorphins that will set you up for a relaxing and romantic Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re out on a hike or cooking together in the kitchen, use the one-on-one time to connect with your partner, free from cellphones and social media. Use the opportunity to recommit to each other that 2017 will be the year you prioritize your health and wellness.