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William Gunn

We are excited to announce our September POTM, William Gunn!

“This is a blessing; I thank Dr. Dill and the McCarty team for giving me this amazing tool to start my new lifestyle. I wanted to do this since I was diagnosed with many things such as sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and being pre diabetic. Weighing at 394 lbs., really made me look at myself in the mirror and make a change. Being here for my 4 children and beautiful wife is a priority. I have been obese for about 2 decades. I had my surgery in March 2021 weighing in at (pre surgery weight) 360 lbs.; 4 months post op I weighed 250 lbs. Taken off most of my meds, have more energy, and incorporated exercise and healthy eating as a priority. I definitely recommend McCarty Weight Loss Clinic to anyone who is struggling with weight issues and need a tool to succeed. I am proud to say I have officially lost 144 lbs. Thank you all very much!”