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My husband had a lap band from another surgeon and he’s struggled for years. He’s seen several other surgeons with different recommendations but without success. They have a terrific office! Nicely decorated, very sophisticated equipment and a very professional but relaxed environment. Hailey is wonderful and immediately put us at ease. Dr. McCarty was very thorough and recommended removing the band and changing it to a gastric bypass. He explained the problem well and it made sense. My husband’s esophagus was damaged and a gastric sleeve might not help. I was really touched when Dr. McCarty shared some his own personal challenges, how he overcame them and how that philosophy is an important part of my husbands recovery. It gave us hope that he could finally overcome this problem. Though the surgery was more difficult than Dr. McCarty expected (His stomach was damaged from the Lap-Band) he recovered quickly and we went home the next day. Within a couple of days he was feeling so much better. We are excited to watch the scale fall and plan to retest his esophagus in a month to see if it improves. I really can’t say enough about Lakewood Weight Loss and Wellness. There is no other weight loss program I’m aware of that has as much to offer their patients.*