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Mandy Williams

Patient of the Month - McCarty Weight Loss Center Dallas - Best Weight Loss Surgeon Dallas

We are excited to announce our February Patient of the Month, Mandy Williams. She has lost a total of 121 lbs since her Mini Sleeve.

“The BEST decision I ever made regarding my health was finding Dr McCarty and having WLS After years and years of battling my weight, I finally had a tool to help me achieve my goals. My initial goal was just to get under 200, then it was to lose 100lbs, now it’s to maintain and tone. I NEVER imagined the success I’ve had but most importantly it helped me realize how truly unhappy I was. When you are in the moment, you may not realize that you aren’t “happy”. I really did think I was happy with my life, tired of the weight, but overall happy. Now, I realize what true happiness is, what living is. The energy, the boost in self-esteem, the confidence, the lack of fear and intimidation… that’s what happiness really is. I may not have had followed all the rules “perfectly” and am still learning as i go but if you aren’t enjoying the journey, what’s the point?”