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Mandi Linder

We are excited to announce our April POTM, Mandi Linder! “I cannot thank Dr. Dill and the whole team at McCarty Weight Loss enough for this amazing journey I’m on! My surgery was June 4, 2020 . Since surgery I am down 80 pounds with a total loss of 116 pounds! My love for life is back and I can say I never been happier! This weight loss tool has helped me find confidence, sleep better, and took so much pressure off my back and knees. The list of positive life changing results could go on for miles! I still look at photos before and after and think “holy Hannah is that really me?” I would like to say thank you to infinity and beyond for all the hard work you and your team did to help change my life.
Much love ,
Mandi (from Wisconsin šŸ§€)”
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