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John H.

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I thank Dr. McCarty for changing my life in a dramatic fashion; through his program I was able to learn about the Weight-loss surgery, what was to be expected and what I needed to do in order to take full advantage of the surgery, which included meeting with a psychologist both before and after the surgery. I lost about 85 pounds, and have kept off 75 pounds for the past 11 years. My life is so much different now, as I have improved self-esteem and confidence. I’m more active and more alive than ever before. When Dr. McCarty told me the WLS surgery he proposed would cure my diabetes I was skeptical, to say the least. However, 3 days after my surgery, I was off all oral diabetic medicines and my blood sugars now are normal, as is my cholesterol and blood pressure. My primary care physician has been supportive but honestly seemed initially shocked at the improvement in my overall health; I have had professional colleagues tell me I seem like a different person–in a way, that is very true. Thanks again, Dr. McCarty and your caring compassionate staff for helping me turn my life around in so many ways.*