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Colleen Russell

Patient of the Month - McCarty Weight Loss Center Dallas - Best Weight Loss Surgeon Dallas

We are excited to announce our May Patient of the Month! Colleen is a little over a year out from the Mini Sleeve and has lost a total of 81 lbs in her journey! Colleen says, “I’m a Travel Agent and had a love hate relationship with travel… now I’m comfortable traveling and exploring and My relationship with travel is pure LOVE. I can PLAY with my grandkids!”

Her advice: “It’s been incredible for me… all positive, I’m so happy I finally gathered the courage to do this for myself. But it was a very hard decision, and I wasted lots of YEARS worrying about it. If you seriously want to take control of your weight, don’t waste time… do it. It’s not a magic serum, but for me, it made all the difference. I’ve dieted all my life and the last 20 years I have dieted without results. Surgery gave me the results I’ve worked so hard and long for.”