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McCarty Mini Sleeve - McCarty Weight Loss Center Dallas - Best Weight Loss Surgeon Dallas

This was the best gift I could have ever received.  Dr. McCarty and his staff provided me with the best tools and resources to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  I am 5’ 2” and weighed 247.9 the day of surgery, 10/30/03 and wore a size 22 dress or 2XL.  I had tried several different weight loss programs and would drop 20 pounds and then gain that plus more back.  Today my weight fluctuates between 139–142 and I wear a Chico’s size 0 (that equates to a size 4) or Small.  If you want to be healthy and look great, Dr. McCarty will help you achieve your goals!  As long as you follow the program the only regret you will ever have is why you waited so long to have this surgery!  I am eternally grateful to Dr. McCarty and have referred several friends to him including my husband.  He is the best bariatric surgeon in the world!*