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McCarty Mini Sleeve - McCarty Weight Loss Center Dallas - Best Weight Loss Surgeon Dallas

My wife Brenda had the gastric bypass performed by Dr. McCarty, and she swore by his expertise. When I decided to submit for gastric sleeve, I was completely at ease before and after the surgery.  The Mini Sleeve fit perfectly with my lifestyle and in the sixteen months since, I have been flooded with compliments, have gotten off my cholesterol medication, and my sleep apnea is a thing of the past. My job, which includes much outdoor activity including climbing ladders and constant stair climbing, is now so much easier, and I don’t feel dead tired at the end of the day as I used to. I firmly believe I have added 10-20 healthier years to my lifespan, and I am already 69 years old. I know that Dr. McCarty is a true pioneer in the gastric surgery field, and he will enhance thousands of lives over the span of his career. He cares about his patients and will do anything to help them succeed, including giving stern coaching when required, and inspired insights and encouragement. We have referred many friends to him, and each one walks away in much improved physical condition, a brighter outlook on life and singing his praises.*