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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mini Sleeve a standard size? If so, how much of the stomach do you remove?
Why do you require a pre-op diet?
What is the recovery time like? How soon can I return to work?
After 6 weeks post-op, I can eat a little more. Why is that?
Will I experience hair loss after surgery?
Can I have caffeine or alcohol after surgery?
My doctor keeps putting me on medications for hypertension, high cholesterol and/or diabetes. Will the surgery help me get off these medications?
I normally have high blood pressure and diabetes. Should I continue taking my meds for these conditions after surgery?
How soon can I swim or take a bath after surgery?
How long will I experience gas discomfort after surgery, and what can I take to relieve this symptom?
Why do I need labs after surgery?
Can I take NSAIDS (Advil, ibuprofen, Aleve, aspirin) after surgery?
I live out of town. Is it OK to fly or drive home after surgery?
Do you have a support group?
Will the surgeon remove the stomach through my mouth?
I live out of town. How can I set up my post-op visits?
It has been 4 days since surgery and I still haven’t had a bowel movement. Is this normal?
When do I start taking my vitamins?
I am almost two weeks out from surgery and I still feel fatigued. Is this normal?
I lost my nutrition packets. What is my post-surgery diet supposed to be?
If I run into a problem after hours, what should I do?
I feel dizzy and lightheaded after surgery. Is this normal?
Can I chew gum after surgery?
The glue is coming off my incisions. Is this normal?
Is it normal to feel discomfort in my sternum when drinking after surgery?
Can I drink from a straw? What about carbonation?